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Beast Roars

I purchased Beastman Tea without knowing just how refreshing it would be.  I purchased the peppermint and WOW... I was totally unprepared for how smooth it actually was!  So much so, I took some to my wife (she expected a bitter bite) and she too was pleasantly surprised.  She was so surprised, she took the remaining bottles to her coworkers.  I now know that if I want it to last any length of time (a couple days) I have to hide it.  Bottom line, I Highly recommend Beastman Tea, there is no overwhelming taste or aftertaste, just cool, refreshing, healthy tea.

Rich S.

My favorite drink!  Since swearing off sodas and sugary drinks more than a year ago, I only drink water and unsweetened tea. Beastman tea has the best flavor of any tea on the market (and I think I've tried them all). I love that it is organic, caffeine free, and has only a few ingredients. Since tasting Beastman, all others taste bitter and unnatural.  My favorite is the peppermint!  Try it; I think you will love it too!!

Patti S.

In October 2016 I had a stroke due to untreated diabetes.  I drank a lot of soda at the time and after the stroke I looked for something to replace the taste.  I tried pretty much every " healthy" drink out there but could't find anything that was truly refreshing without some sort of aftertaste or a bitter bite.  Then Brad hooked me up with some Beastman tea.  Nothing out of a bottle is smoother and more refreshing.  This was what I was looking for all this time.  Customer for life.

Scott Wadyko

I received my Ginger Beastman Tea yesterday and it was very refreshing.  Ginger can be strong, but this was the perfect balance.

Dana G.